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Thinking of getting an Angel Reading? Need clarity about a situation in your life? Look no further, Lorrie Wright can help guide you in the right direction with her card readings while also getting messages through from loved ones that have passed on! You'll "Thank Heaven" you inquired! .

Joelle Fuller

I had an angel reading from Lorrie Wright because I was looking for help in dealing with a difficult situation.  Through Lorrie I received messages from the angels that showed me the path to follow.  I left the reading feeling calm and on a new path.  I can't say enough positive words regarding my reading.  Everyone needs one!

Deirdre Higgins.

They both have a special gift!!


Every single nurse, doctor and visitor loved my survival kit ( made by Gladys Kitchell) when entering the hospital room after having Jaxson!! And each occasion is always so complete with an amazing diaper cake to fit any/every theme!
And Lorrie's reading years ago told me everything would be ok I would find my calling in nursing and my family would be complete:)! Looks like she was spot on!! 

Jennifer Gledhill

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